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Flat Roof Maintenance

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Protect your flat roof with high-quality coatings applied by the experienced team at Horizon Roofing Inc. We only use the highest-quality, long-lasting aluminum coatings. However, it is critical that all existing flashings on your flat roof be resealed using Waterproof Roofing Cement prior to applying your Fibered Aluminum Coating.

Some of the advantages of Fibered Aluminum Coating are:

  • It is a highly reflective roof coating that can reduce the surface temperature of a roof and retard the deterioration of the surface
  • It helps in reducing heating and air conditioning costs
  • It is helpful in coating properly prepared smooth surface asphalt buildup, metal and modified bitumen membranes
  • It produces a bright aluminum roof surface, which reflects damaging ultraviolet sun rays

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